DNA Profiling

DNA Profiling

  • Creation of a DNA profile for 1 individual £200

DNA Profiling helps individuals keep a record of their unique genetic “fingerprint” and is useful for individuals who would like to:

  • Protect their estates from illegitimate claims after their death.
  • Ensure that they can be identified in case of catastrophic death. (This is particularly useful for people in high-risk occupations, including military personnel and emergency rescue workers, security staff)
  • Keep identification information on file in case they or their loved ones ever go missing.

By analysing an individual’s buccal swab sample, we can generate a report that lists his or her 2 alleles at each of 22 DNA markers. These 22 markers are highly variable among individuals and can therefore be used to distinguish one person from another.

The report we generate, called a DNA profile or DNA typing report, can serve as a sort of genetic ID card for the individual. With the exception of identical twins, no two individuals’ DNA profiles will be exactly the same.

For more information or to order a DNA profile, please call us on 020 7498 0102. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about our DNA testing services.

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