Alco-Sensor FST Digital Breathalyser + 25 Mouthpieces


The Alco-Sensor FST Fuel Cell Alcohol Digital Breathalyser that tests breath and drinks for alcohol.


The Alco-Sensor FST is our newest Fuel Cell Alcohol Digital Breathalyser that not only takes a breath test but also has the capability to test drinks for alcohol and test an unconscious person for the presence of alcohol or a group of people quickly and efficiently. The Alco-Sensor FST has Home Office approval and is NHTSA (US DOT) approved. This instrument produces fast reliable, accurate results every time and comes in a hard wearing rugged weather resistant black case and a package that is designed so that the operator has maximum control over the subject during sample collection. This accurate system uses long life platinum fuel cell technology. The ‘Drink Sniffer’ attachment is designed to test the presence of alcohol in a drink, whilst the ‘Passive Sample Cup’ detects alcohol in an unconscious person or a group of people without having to change the cup. The rubberised, rugged construction and anti-corrosion wiring means the FST Alco-Sensor will outshine and outlive its competitors.


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