Healthy Weight DNA Test


Healthy Weight DNA Test for getting to and maintaining a healthy weight



Eliminate the guesswork for getting to and maintaining a healthy weight. Healthy Weight is a scientifically-based weight- management test and program that identifies your unique genetic makeup and provides diet and exercise strategies specifically tailored to your genotype. Just take the sample at-home DNA test and within a few weeks you receive personalised nutrition and fitness recommendations that work best for your body. Get ready to take control of your health. No Hidden Extras.

Kit Contents:

  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Cheek swabs for DNA collection
  • Addressed envelope for returning samples

Results Back in just 3 weeks from receipt of samples at the lab.

Healthy Weight is a revolutionary DNA test and program that first examines your genetic markers (SNPs) that influence weight and then provides customised diet and exercise strategies for a healthier you. With the genetic testing technology and scientific understanding of the human genome available today, it is now possible to develop individually-tailored nutrition and fitness programs based on your unique DNA. Simply collect your DNA sample using the painless, easy-to-use cheek swabs included in your kit, send them to the lab, and within a few short weeks, results are posted to your secure online account.


  • Learn more about your genetic profile to achieve a healthy weight.
  • Obtain nutrition and exercise recommendations tailored to you.
  • Access to resources and tips to help you look your best.

Test Results Include:

Detailed analysis of the genetic markers influencing your weight with personalised recommendations for:

  • Foods to eat- the best foods to meet your caloric needs.
  • Nutrients – Optimal nutrient needs and most effective supplements.
  • Best exercises – Ideal exercises to achieve and maintain your healthiest weight.
  • Easy-to-make, delicious recipes tailored to your body.

When you receive your DNA test results, we recommend reviewing them with your doctor to understand what, if any, lifestyle changes you should make to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. This test can supplement your knowledge of your body to help maintain optimal weight and make better lifestyle choices which may improve your overall health.

Before attempting any of the recommendations offered within your DNA report, you should consult with a physician (all categories), licensed professional trainer (exercise category), and/or a dietitian/nutritionist (food/nutrients categories).

View the sample report here . . .

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

This is only one of our new DNA health tests with more coming soon – order now online or call 020 7498 0102 for further options.


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