Male Ancestry Test


Discover your Direct Male Ancestry Line (Swab from a male required)

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Discover your Direct Male Line (Swab from a male required)

  • Establish your Haplogroup
  • View migration patterns
  • Aid your genealogy research
  • Certificate of Ancestry in colour

Use your DNA to determine where your ancestors were from – along your paternal line. This test displays your haplogroup designation and a map showing your ancestors’ journey. The map also shows where they initially settled in the old world.

IF YOU ARE A FEMALE: Do not submit your own DNA sample – paternal lineage information is found on the Y-chromosome, which women do not have. If you want to do paternal lineage testing, your full biological brother or biological father needs to contribute a DNA sample.

Kit Contents:

  • Complete instructions
  • Cheek swabs for DNA collection
  • Addressed envelope for returning samples

Results Back in 6-8 weeks from receipt of samples at the lab.

Dual Ancestry tests for Maternal/Paternal are available on request. Please contact us on 020 7498 0102 or


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