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Angelscope DNA Diagnostics and Testing
Angelscope DNA Diagnostics and Testing

Discover Angelscope DNA Diagnostics, the premier destination for DNA testing and Drug and Alcohol testing services in Vauxhall, Nine Elms, South London. Our state-of-the-art DNA Testing Centre is complemented by a network of trusted DNA collection agents in countries such as Ghana, Greece, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Kurdistan, and more.

At Angelscope DNA Diagnostics, we specialize in a comprehensive range of DNA testing services tailored for both individuals and professionals. Our offerings include tests for ‘Peace of Mind’ and various legal purposes, including immigration, CSA, and inheritance disputes. We are proud to offer:

– A Genuine DNA Testing Clinic staffed with fully Qualified RGN Nurses
– Legal and Peace of Mind DNA tests
– UK Ministry of Justice Accredited laboratories (ISO 17025)
– ISO Certified chain of custody and sample collection
– Transparent, all-inclusive pricing with no hidden costs
– Complimentary sealed tamper-evident packs for all legal DNA tests
– Fully managed testing process overseen by a dedicated DNA test case manager
– Definitive results for complex DNA tests, such as Sibling and Y Chromosome DNA
– Official hard copy certificates for each adult tested
– Complete confidentiality and Data Protection for all information

Book your appointment at our London collection clinic for flexible scheduling options, including daily availability and evening and Saturday appointments upon request. Same-day appointments are often available; contact us at 020 7498 0102 for more details.

At Angelscope DNA Diagnostics, we are committed to delivering precise, confidential, and dependable DNA testing services. Contact us today to explore how we can fulfill your testing needs.

* Please note that our services are subject to terms and conditions.

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