Y-STR Paternal Lineage

Y-STR Testing (Paternal Lineage Test, Males only)

  • Testing for 2 or more male alleged relatives
  • Legal Testing of 2 males £425
  • Additional party £120
  • Peace of mind testing for 2 males £399 Additional party £120

Y-STR Testing can help two or more males verify whether they are biologically related through their paternal (fathers’) line. Y-STR tests are useful in providing additional evidence of a biological relationship between males in difficult or complex DNA testing situations. They are also useful for individuals who have been reunited after years of separation through circumstances such as adoption.

A Y-STR test works by examining specific DNA markers on the Y-chromosome, which is passed from father to son relatively unchanged throughout the generations. (Only males have the Y-chromosome, so only males can participate in this type of genetic test.) Males who are biologically related through their fathers will have the same or very similar Y-STR profiles, while males who are not related in this way will have different Y-STR profiles.

Please note that Y-STR testing can be extremely helpful in determining whether males are paternally related, but it does not provide information about how the tested males are related (i.e., as father/son, uncle/nephew, etc.).

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