DNA Testing Services

Angelscope DNA Diagnostics and TestingAngelscope DNA Diagnostics offers a broad range of DNA testing services to help individuals verify their family relationships. All of our legal services follow the chain of custody procedure and are Ministry of Justice Accredited, making our test results legally defensible in courts of law and other government departments. Whether you need results for peace of mind or for any legal purpose, such as resolving child support, immigration, change of birth certificate, Home Office or inheritance disputes, we can help.

Appointments available same day and evening appointments too if convenient. Explore our DNA test options by visiting the links below. If you have any questions about which test is right for you please call us at 020 7498 0102.

Ancestry – PaternityMaternityGrandparentage DNA BankingImmigrationReconstruction – Siblingship DNA ProfilingDrug & AlcoholOther Services

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