DNA Maternity Test (This test is looking for the Alleged mother)

Legal Testing for DNA £399
(1 child, 1 alleged mother, and 1 father (optional))

Legal Testing for DNA Additional Party £120

Peace of Mind DNA Test £145

Peace of Mind DNA Test Additional Party £90

DNA Self-Test Home Pack £120
(1 child, 1 alleged mother, and 1 father (optional))

Maternity Testing can conclusively determine whether a woman is the biological mother of a child. DNA maternity tests may be useful for individuals who:

  • Need to provide additional proof of their mother-child relationship to support their immigration applications.
  • Have been separated by adoption and reunited years later, and would like to confirm that they are biologically related as mother and child.
  • Need to verify whether the proper embryo was implanted into a mother’s uterus during in vitro fertilisation.
  • Fear that babies have mistakenly been switched in a hospital nursery and need to place the appropriate infant with the appropriate mother.

Like a paternity test, a maternity test works by comparing the DNA profiles of a child; an alleged mother; and, when available, the child’s father. (A fatherless maternity test can be performed when the child’s father is not available for testing.) The genetic profiles of a biologically related mother and child will show predictable patterns of DNA inheritance.

A maternity test has two possible results:

  • Exclusion—the alleged mother is not the biological mother of the child. This result is indicated by a 0% probability of maternity.
  • Inclusion—the alleged mother is not excluded as the biological mother of the child. This result is indicated by a probability of maternity of 99.9% or higher.

A Legal DNA maternity test from Angelscope DNA Diagnostics costs £399 and DNA Peace of Mind maternity test is £175. When needed, we can test additional children and/or alleged mothers for an additional fee of £90. Please review our fee schedule for more detailed information.

Like all of our DNA tests, our maternity tests strictly follow the chain of custody procedure, making the results legally defensible in courts of law and other government departments. For more information or to order a maternity test, please call us at 020 7498 0102.

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