Peace of Mind Test for Paternity at Clinic


Peace of Mind DNA Test for Paternity at Clinic


Peace of Mind DNA Test for Paternity for 1 alleged father, child and mother optional to be taken by a professional at our South London Clinic. Samples will be processed as quickly as possible and for a standard paternity test you should expect to receive results within 3-4 working days.

Simply order your Paternity Test online and call 020 7498 0102 or Email Us for the first available appointment which is often same day or within 24 hours. At  Angelscope we ensure that all paternity test results provide  clear and accurate answers with no room for interpretation. We test for over 20 markers with results of 99.99+% if the alleged father is the biological father or 0% if the alleged father is  not the biological father.  Angelscope will email or send your results in the post at no extra cost to all parties being tested. There are no hidden fees or costs and a completely private and confidential service.


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