Genetic reconstruction is a group of DNA tests that determine whether a child is biologically related to known relatives of his or her alleged father or mother. This service is typically performed when the child’s alleged father or mother is unavailable for paternity testing, maternity testing and other tests – such as grandparentage testing and viability testing – have been ruled out as alternative testing options. The results of genetic reconstruction testing can help a family indirectly determine whether the child’s alleged father could be his or her biological father.

Genetic reconstruction testing compares the DNA profile of a child to the DNA profiles of at least two close relatives of the unavailable alleged father. Close relatives include biological parents and full siblings. This type of test involves complex analytical procedures, so we strongly encourage the child’s mother to contribute a DNA sample whenever possible. When the child’s mother is available for testing, we only require the participation of two close relatives of the alleged father.¬†When the child’s mother is not available for testing, we require the participation of at least three close relatives of the alleged father or mother.

If your family has questions that you think genetic reconstruction may help answer, please contact us by calling 020 7498 0102. We will be happy to give you a free consultation to help you determine if DNA testing can provide you with the answers you need.

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